The Power of Optimizing Your Systems For Acquiring Customers

Over the last decade almost every business has taken steps to implement effective digital marketing strategies to acquire new customers. In order to power an effective digital strategy, many backend systems are required including customer relationship management systems, email & text software tools, analytics software, funnels, websites, etc. – the list goes on. 

This dynamic has created an environment where businesses have all of the fancy CRM’s & tools with all the best bells & whistles, but often have no process or ‘true system’ in place for operating all of the powerful tools at their disposal to have effective marketing initiatives.

So what does this dynamic of broken process cause for a business?

  • No way of truly predicting return on investment for marketing initiatives
  • Losing sales & deals because of poor follow up
  • Deals falling through the cracks 
  • Sales teams experiencing a decline in productivity

Common inbound lead methods include website inquiries, digital ads, and referrals. The solution to the consequences above as a result of broken process is a streamlined system for what happens next after a lead is acquired. Embracing powerful technology and automation will enable you to do more with less resources if setup correctly for your business functions. However, you can have all of your technology (CRM’s, automations, softwares) completely setup and dialed in correctly, but at the end of the day it will only be truly effective if the processes are operated and used by your sales team. 

Every business is different, but from a fundamental level every business needs to attract new prospects, nurture the prospects, and convert the prospects. These are the three pillars I focus on when analyzing a business to determine where they need to improve.

Three Pillars:

  1. Attract – Utilizing effective and predictable digital lead generation strategies.
    1. Facebook ads
    2. Google ads
    3. Voicemail drops
    4. Retargeting ads
    5. Database Reactivation through text & email (Prospects & Customers)
  2. Nurture – Utilizing a semi-automated nurture system to ensure leads book & show up.
    1. Personalized automated email series
    2. Personalized automated text series
    3. Automated booking system
  3. Convert – A streamlined sales process that is scaled across multiple sales representatives.
    1. CRM
    2. Analytics & Tracking
    3. Scripts
    4. Capability Deck
    5. Demo

The goal for any business is to have a predictable system of lead generation, an automated nurture system responsible for nurturing prospects, and a streamlined sales process. Improving systems across all three pillars will enable a business to scale to new heights and do more with less resources as a result of embracing technology.

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